The Greatest Idol

Saturday, October 28                      

The Bible teaches us to esteem others higher than ourselves.  The reason that’s necessary is that we are just the opposite of that.  In whatever circumstance, I think of myself first.  Robert Murray McCheyne says “Self-righteousness is the greatest idol of the human heart.”  He’s right.  “Self” wants to control our lives.  But there is one “circumstance” in which I may not fall into that “self” category.  I’d rather be killed myself than to kill someone else.  It has triggered my decision to give up driving.  My eyes are so bad that I would be a danger to everyone in sight.  But two things come to the surface when I meditate on all this.  One, I’m still thinking about me if I were to kill someone.  My grief would be intolerable.  And two, my view of the sanctity of life comes straight from God.  It doesn’t appear to be a universal human trait.  We differ from animals in that we have a soul.  We were created with a conscience, a sense of morality, and the capacity to know and worship God.  When that is eroded away by sin, we are not much different than animals.  Two positive things came out of my ruminations.  One, what progress I’ve made is the work of God.  It’s called sanctification, the process of becoming holy.  Two, I will never be entirely free from sin in this life, but it will be completed before I enter into a sinless eternity.  That’s called “hope.”  And that’s when that “greatest idol” will be gone forever.  I’m indebted to God for what he’s done in my life, what he is doing in my life, and what he will do in my life.  And that’s why I love and worship him.

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2 Responses to The Greatest Idol

  1. A very powerful and challenging word Dave. Thank you.

    • davelotz says:

      Thank you, Galilee, It’s good to hear from you. We haven’t made contact for some time. have been so busy, and there is seemingly no let up for the remainder of the year. Dave

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