From Luther’s Perspective

Sunday, November 5               

On total depravity.  “The idea that human beings had a spark of goodness to seek out        God comes from “fools” and “pig theologians.”

On sin“If one were to confess his sins in a timely manner, he would have to carry a          confessor  in his pocket.” [This was not said in humor; it was an analogy  that                    represent his true  feeling.]

On faith“Faith does not consist of assenting to the church’s teachings but of trusting        the promises of God and the merits of Christ.”

On the Bible1) “The Bible is alive, it speaks to me; it has feet, it runs after me; it has           hands, it lays hold of me.”   2) “A simple layman armed with the Scriptures is                     superior to both pope and councils without them.”

On Theology“Others before me have contested practice.  But to contest doctrine, that       is to grab the goose by the neck.”

On Church purity.  “Farewell to those who want an entirely pure and purified                     church.  This is plainly wanting no church at all.”

On Marriage.  “Marriage was commanded by God, an integral part of creation.  Our            bodies demand it just as much as eating and sleeping.”

On Parishioners“It annoys me to keep preaching to you.”  In 1530 he went on a                 strike and refused to preach to them for a time.  [Nothing like taking action by not         taking action.]

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