Bearing Much Fruit

Sunday, November 12                  

Verse 7 also raises a problem.  It appears to be a carte blanche, allowing us to ask and receive “whatever you wish.”  But there’s a proviso attached—“If you remain in me and my words remain in you.”  The promise does not hold if we don’t remain (abide) in Christ, and neither does it hold if we don’t live by (obey) his words.  If we are living in a constant and intimate relationship with Christ, we will not have to worry about abusing the carte blanche part; we will be asking precisely what we need in order to bear fruit.  Another problem surfaces in verse 8.  If we bear much fruit, it will prove that we are his disciples.  Does that mean that it proves that we are redeemed?  No, the issue is not salvation, but bearing fruit.  But being a disciple does verify that we are redeemed.  So, as a believer, do I automatically bear fruit?  Probably.  All believers will produce some fruit, but a disciple will produce  much fruit.  That is what Jesus was expecting of his disciples.  And that is us.  How do I measure up?  How do you measure up?

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