Why Dreams?

Monday, November 13                  

I dream every time I sleep.  I don’t understand much about dreams, but accept them as designed by God.  Dreams and visions have been used by God throughout history, both with godly people and ungodly people such as Pharaoh, Nebuchadnezzar, and Pilate’s wife.  A holy God wants to communicate with sinful man, which can’t be done face to face.  So at least some dreams have a purpose.  As to my dreams, a lot of them are meaningless, scary, and upsetting, although some are pleasant, and uplifting.  And I think I have had a few that were messages directly from God.  But why all those other dreams?  Computers are like our brains.  They store huge amounts of data and periodically need a little housecleaning.  So we have recycle bins.  The issue is to restore order.  Maybe dreams serve the same purpose.  I suspect that when we get to heaven, things will be reversed.  Celestial  life will be real, and this life will be more like a dream.  There is a lot of “baggage” from this world that would be better forgotten, anyway.  But there will be lots of things to remember about this life, plus new things to learn, especially about God.  We will remember Jesus’ life on earth, plus a lot of details that are unknown now.  We will “know as we are known” (1 Cor. 13:12).  I fully expect to talk with the saints of old, plus others such as Augustine and Luther.  We will learn things that are not recorded in the Bible, and reveling in new details about our glorious God.  And I will have all eternity to do that. And that’s no dream.

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