The Throne of Grace

Tuesday, November 14              

A common expression among Christians is to take our concerns to the “throne of grace.”  We tend to use the term rather glibly, but it has a wealth of meaning.  1) The throne speaks of God’s supreme power.  He runs the universe and is in total control of all things.  That is comforting!  As a sovereign judge he dispenses judgment on all his creation.  And it’s not just meting out penalties for sin.  He is also judging those who are redeemed as a result of Jesus dying in our place, a judgment that results in a rich assortment of gifts in this life, as well as rewards in heaven.  None of it is by our own merit, but freely provided by Christ, our Redeemer.  2) Grace encompasses all those gifts from God’s hands.  It includes his moment by moment loving care, not only forgiving sin, but empowering us to live righteous lives, giving us the Holy Spirit to dwell within us, the Word of God to instruct us, the Church body to encourage and strengthen us, and a 24/7 access to him called prayer.  3) By implication, we are responsible to come to him to present our needs, not because he doesn’t already know about them, but that we would recognize and understand our dependence on him.  So the entire gospel message is contained in “the throne of Grace.  What a pity that we don’t go there enough.

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