The Greatest Sin

Saturday, November 18              

The sin nature leads us astray in a lot of different ways, but the most devastating is that of not believing in Christ for redemption.  It’s interesting that Jesus, whether speaking to the crowds or to his disciples, rarely spoke of any other sin than the sin of unbelief.  That is worth noting.  Of all the sins that can be committed, the absolute worst is rejecting the free gift of salvation.  The cost was the greatest in all history—for the Father and for the Son—and the greatest benefit in history for all who believe.  It’s impossible to compare this with anything else that’s happened in the universe.  Accepting that gift covers all one’s sins—past, present, and future—not only sparing one from eternal death, but replacing it with eternal life.  Yet many of us Christians treat it with a cavalier attitude.  We are reconciled to God and can look forward to eternal bliss, but we are not so eager to spread the “good news.”  OK, it’s not always easy to explain the truth to people who  seem to be totally focused on what this world can give them, but we need to make the effort, and it needs to be laced with prayer.  Only God can change their hearts.  We are not called to save them, but we are charged with proclaiming the gospel message.  How they respond to the truth is between them and God.  As followers of Christ we need the depth of love and concern that Christ had.  Maybe we’ve lost our first love—as Christ said of the Ephesian church in Rev. 2:4.  When was the last time you got really excited about sharing Christ with someone?

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