To Delight in Prayer

Sunday, November 19               

  1. A. Carson, Praying with Paul, p. xiv. “Where is our delight in praying? Where is our sense that we are meeting with the living God, that we are undertaking work that he has assigned, that we are interceding with genuine unction before the throne of grace?  When was the last time we came away from a period of intercession feeling that, like Jacob or Moses, we had prevailed with God?”  To be honest I don’t remember ever having that kind of communion with God.  Oh, I’ve had times when I knew God was at the other end, that he was not only listening to me, but was going to meet my need or in some way answer my requests.  Most of those times I was left with a kind of awesome love, physically felt in my chest, a warm and satisfying feeling that I didn’t want to end.  But I think that kind of experience should whet my spiritual appetite for deeper and more frequent communion.  It would be great to have the personal relationship with God that Moses and Samuel had, to long for God the way David did, or to understand God’s agenda the way Paul did.  I’m not sure how to have that kind of relationship with God, but I’m convinced it’s not God’s fault.  I’m open to suggestions.
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