Prayer Lists?

Wednesday, November 22             

D.A. Carson, Praying with Paul, p. 11.  “Never put people down, except on your prayer list.”  That’s a cute little saying that speaks for itself.  I don’t need to elaborate on it.  But the idea of a prayer list, although not a new thing, invites a little evaluation.  My prayer life has never been exemplary, but at different times, I have used prayer lists.  I don’t make a list of things to talk about when I visit my friends.  Sometimes I make a short list if I have more than two or three ailments when I see my doctor.  Why should we need a list when we go to prayer?  I find that I can cover a lot of ground in prayer without a list.  Sometimes my prayers are “hit and miss.”  I go from one thing to another in a capricious way.  But talking with the creator of the universe, a holy God, is different than going to the grocery store.  A list tends to be perfunctory, and what is lost is what is most important to him—love and intimacy.  Last week, I decided to just enter into prayer with the view of personally relating with God.  It was very rewarding.  And I didn’t need a list.  Eventually I got around to some special requests,  but I first concentrated on all that he has done in my life.  That humbled me and made me truly thankful and worshipful.  It was, I think, a little more what God would like.  There is, however, a purpose for a list—which I still use.  I have somewhat of a record of how God answered prayer.  That alone is worth having a list.  I don’t expect anyone to emulate what I do in prayer.  Everyone is unique and will have a unique way to approach God.  But the important thing is to pray from a sincere and submissive heart.

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