A Call for Reform

Friday, November 24                  

D.A. Carson, Praying with Paul, p. xiv.  “. . . is it not true that by and large we are better at organizing than agonizing?  Better at  administration than interceding?  Better at fellowship than fasting?  Better at theological articulation than adoration? Better at preaching than praying?”  In short, we don’t pray much, which means that we don’t think prayer is important. It implies that we can do God’s bidding without his help.  It means that either we don’t understand the Bible’s teaching on prayer, or that we choose to ignore it.  This is hard to swallow, but we are doomed to continued failure if we don’t recognize the problem and deal with it.  Please take time here to evaluate your own life and the life of your church.  I’m quite aware that this devastating judgment by Carson doesn’t apply to every Christian or every church, but it’s prevalent enough to make us all get down on our knees and plead with God to forgive us and to give us a renewed vision of our responsibilities as his ambassadors in this world   The Protestant Reformation was a world shaking movement that was long overdue.  We need another Protestant Reformation.  We need another John Hus, another Martin Luther, another John Bunyan.  It will only happen when we get serious about prayer.  Carson’s call to prayer is “right on.”  May it not fall on deaf ears.

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