Maximum Glory

Thursday, November 30                 

Pastor Doug made an interesting point about Jesus’ comment in John 17:5.  “And now, Father, glorify me in your presence with the glory I had with you before the world began.”  We need to remember that this statement was made just hours before he gave up his life of his own accord to pay for our sins.  Doug’s point was that Jesus’ incarnate life, including his death, burial and resurrection would not bring any more glory to him than what he had before the incarnation.  Behind that is the truth that he had already possessed maximum glory.  There was nothing that could add to his glory, not even dying a cruel death on the cross.  The statement also reveals that his glory—or at least a part of it—was temporarily diminished by taking on a human form.  The timing of the statement comes as his incarnate life was coming to and end.  He was finishing his earthly ministry and would soon return to his normal position in the godhead.  But it’s still interesting that he made the statement in the presence of his disciples.  The statement had to have some effect on them.  One thing is that they were loath to have him leave them.  They had to know that there was a sound reason for his ascent into heaven.  Secondly, they needed to know the magnitude of the sacrifice that Jesus made in coming to earth.  They probably did not know the how much His glory would impact their lives.  (Piper hadn’t arrived on the scene yet.)

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