When Words Don’t Matter

Monday, December 4                

Bunyan doesn’t mince words.  How about this one (p. 24 of Bunyan, Prayer)?  “The great cheat by means of which the devil and antichrist delude the world, is to make them continue in the form of any duty, the form of preaching, of hearing , or of praying.”  He supports this by 2 Tim. 3:5.  “ . . . having a form of godliness but denying the power.”  Too many formal prayers (and sermons) in churches focus on elegant words at the expense of content.  Even in my private prayers I spend too much effort on getting the precise words to express my heart, and all the time, God is already reading my heart.  Words are not really necessary; in fact, they can get in the way.  And when I have trouble expressing my thoughts, the Holy Spirit is right there to make adjustments (Rom. 8:27).  I doubt if English is the celestial language, but I suspect God doesn’t have a whole lot of trouble with it.  He seems to get along quite well with no language at all.

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