Marriage in Heaven

The Bible is clear that there will be no human marriages in heaven.  That’s a negative for some people.  The sex drive is so strong that it’s been devastatingly abused.  That’s not God’s fault; it stems from the sin nature that we acquired from Adam.  The joys of heaven will far surpass the intimate relationships that come through human marriage, but there’s a rationale that further supports this.  Human marriage was designed by God for two reasons.  The obvious one which is well supported in Scripture is that God designed it so that the world would be replenished. The second, and perhaps more important, is that marriage is a picture of the intimacy that God desired us to have with him.  The marriage relationship should remind us of the bond of love that God expects us to have with him.  The New Testament says that the Church is the bride of Christ.  There is even a mention of the “marriage supper of the Lamb” in Rev. 19:6-9.  On both these scores—reproduction and as an analogy of our love relationship with God—human marriage has no reason to continue in heaven.  No more need to replenish the earth.  And the analogy of marriage in terms of our relationship with Christ will be obsolete with the reality of the intimate union with him for all eternity.  It will not be sexual, but it will surpass all that we now know about intimate love.  I have no doubt that the joys of heaven will be such that we will not regret the loss of human marriage.

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