Role Models

Monday, December 11

There are a lot of role models in the Bible.  Peter and Thomas are two of them.  D.A. Carson, in Praying with Paul, p. 26, touches on this—from a slightly different perspective.  “Christians may stumble and fall, doubt like Thomas, and disown their Lord like Peter, but they ultimately will utter their ‘Amen’ to Thomas’s confession (John 20:28) and weep with Peter (Matt. 26:75.”  The Bible tells it the way it is.  There are other heroes of the faith that are role models, too.  David made a few mistakes, among them murder and adultery.  Yet God called him “the apple of his eye.”  Abraham failed a number of times, but God chose him to be the progenitor of God’s special people.  I’m so glad the Bible tells it like it was, but more importantly, that God can take flawed people and make them highly productive in his service.  I especially put the Apostle Paul in that category.  God turned him around from persecuting the fledgling Church to become the greatest evangelist of all time.  I won’t measure up to that, but I can thank God for using me despite my faults.  That’s pure grace.

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