Unconditional Surrender

Wednesday, December 13               

For those of us who are true believers, God had a purpose in searching us out and saving us from eternal damnation.  Yes, he did it out of love for us, but we are commissioned to be used by him in carrying out his agenda in this world.  Not only are  we spared from condemnation and given a blissful life with God through all eternity, but we have the privilege of taking part in his plan to redeem those who are destined for eternal damnation.  That’s an awesome responsibility, but it’s also a magnificent opportunity to please God.  He’s given us all the tools to do it and will reward us as well.  All that is grace.  It’s easy to take all that lightly, to have a cavalier attitude about it, to be satisfied with feeble efforts to do God’s bidding.  We can also be too concerned with what he wants us to do rather than being sold out, to be ready for whatever he assigns us to do.  We’re not in a position to bargain with God.  We gave up bondage to self and Satan and became bound to a new Master, Christ.  That means “unconditional surrender.”  I lived through World War II and still remember that the Allied Forces only accepted  a cease fire on those terms.  Without Germany’s unconditional surrender, there would have been much more loss of life.  The same with the Japanese surrender.  When we accept Christ and his sacrifice for our sins, it’s exactly the same—unconditional surrender.  Unfortunately, we don’t always act accordingly.  We want to hang on to a measure of independence.  We want a voice in how to live our lives, and become rather blasé about any obligation to serve God.  Satan likes that; God doesn’t.  In military terms, maybe we need to “re-up,” be re-commissioned and become better soldiers.

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