I’m Deeply in Debt

Thursday, December 21             

“I don’t own anything.  I owe everything.”  This came to me while praying.  It’s not a new truth for me, but God probably wanted me to think about it again—which I did.  I realized that there are lots of things that I count as my own.  My car, for one.  We don’t use it all that much any more, but when someone wants to borrow it,  I feel I’m being generous by loaning it.  In reality, I feel generous for something that is God’s.  That led me to a lot of other things that I think of as my own that are really gifts from God.  I thought about all the things that God provided for man from day one—air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat—and much more.  And he continued to provide all that despite man rebelling and ceasing to be thankful.  That spoke to me of God’s patience and love.  God’s continued benevolence through history reveals his goodness whether we acknowledge it or not.  And that’s just in the physical realm.  There’s also the spiritual realm.  He was not content when men fell from grace.  He did not abandon us or cease to love us.  He has revealed himself throughout history with the goal of redeeming us.  He knew what had to be done before the world began.  He began his plan of redemption with Adam and Eve and carried it out through the centuries.  We all now have the option of returning to his favor.  When we do, we are given new life, eternal life, and will enjoy the blessings of God through eternity as well as being freed from the bondage of sin and eternal damnation.  And in this life, he has blessed us with the righteousness of Christ in order to serve him—all a free gift.  All those spiritual gifts are by grace, no merit of my own.  God has provided every thing I need—and more—both in the physical realm and the spiritual realm.  So I don’t own anything; and I owe God everything.

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