Cherishing My Debt

Friday, December 22                 

The incredible debt I owe to God remains incredible.  There’s nothing I can do to pay it or even diminish it.  But there’s something I can do and need to do.  I need to be thankful; I need to praise and worship God.  It’s not that God needs to be praised or worshiped.  He doesn’t  need our accolades, support, or approval.  He is not selfish or arrogant and doesn’t have an ego that needs to be stroked.  His glory is already maximized; nothing can increase it or expand it—nor diminish it for that matter.  God wants us to worship him, not for what he will gain, but for what we will gain.  His goal is to make us happy.  Recounting God’s blessings through my life did just that.  Recalling his work of grace in my life gave me a grateful heart and the sense that I was deeply loved and cared for.  That’s an awesome feeling—all from just “counting my many blessings.”  My huge debt has a purpose—my happiness.

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