Procrastinators with Bundles

Saturday, December 23             

Christmas is upon us.  Actually, Christmas has been “commercially” around since before Thanksgiving.  We’re dealing with more than a month of making lists, buying greeting cards and gifts, wondering how the gifts will be received, planning for family get-togethers, traveling plans, ad infinitum.  Probably the majority of Americans will not have a real reason to celebrate the coming to earth of man’s redeemer, but will celebrate anyway. On the positive side, there will be many expressions of love and good will that God intended to accompany the birth of Christ.  Millions of children will be avidly awaiting those gifts that will have their names on them.  So even those who have not been brought into the family of God will be blessed by his benevolence.  And I hope and pray that some will enter into God’s family during the Christmas season.  There will be a lot of hurry and scurry today as procrastinators crowd the stores and work their way around the multitude of other procrastinators lugging all those packages through the aisles.  I don’t plan to be there to witness it.  I’m encouraged to know that there will be many faithful saints worshiping the lord of Lords and king of Kings today as they meditate on God’s love, mercy and grace.  May we all, believers and unbelievers, make an effort to demonstrate good will to all.  Make it a point to go the extra mile with love and compassion.  You needn’t wait until Christmas Day.  Make someone else happy today.

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