Babe and Redeemer

Monday, December 25              

A high percentage of the world’s population will celebrate the birth of Jesus today.  I would not have been able to say that when I was a kid.  The gospel has gone to every corner of the world thanks to a vigorous missionary movement and a mushrooming technical world.  Still, much of our world is content with the babe in a manger, but less thrilled about his suffering on a cross for our sins about 28 years later.  The world’s view of “being good” has replaced any thought of the need for redemption.  There is little concern for the sin nature that dictates our lives and dooms us to eternal judgment at the hands of a holy God.  The babe in a manger represents for them the hope that by their own efforts they can be  “good.”  That’s missing the point of the birth of Jesus.  He didn’t come to just show us how to live; he came to pay the penalty for our sin.  And if we miss that, we are still doomed to eternal damnation.  Satan always throws up an alternative to the truth, a false and fatal concept that satisfies our egos and leads us down the path to doom.  If you are one of those who give lip service to worshiping the babe in a manger, you’d better wake up and embrace the truth before it’s too late.  That babe in a manger paid for your sins.

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