United Enemies

Tuesday, January 2                      

Back to those nefarious trials that Jesus endured.  While Jesus was being interviewed by Pilate, he said “My kingdom is not of this world; if it were my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jews.”  This sheds light on why Jesus allowed Peter to attack Malchus and why Jesus then healed the man, and told Peter to sheath his sword.  That Jesus would allow this to happen “knowing all that was going to happen” (Jn. 18:4) during that arrest in the middle of the night, verified Jesus’ statement that the issue had nothing to do will an earthly kingdom—at least at this time.  That declaration alone should have guaranteed his innocence of any accusation of treason.       But for whatever reason, Pilate did not acknowledge that, perhaps being more interested in his political position and needing the support of the Jews.  Although Jesus did not make this statement in order to escape the death penalty, he made it clear to all, including the Jews, that he had no designs on freeing the Jews from Roman bondage.  And that was the main reason the Jews would not accept him as their Messiah—and why they didn’t want to focus on that goal with the Romans.  So what we have here is two enemies collaborating to get rid of Jesus—for entirely conflicting reasons.  The Jews wanted freedom from Rome.  Pilate needed the Jews to support him in his political career.  And God used all this to accomplish his own purposes!

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