Called to Active Duty

Saturday, January 6                            

Jim Isom and his wife, Judy, a former student of ours in Bolivia, have invested their lives to help reap the ripened harvest in today’s world.  With YWAM, they have been all over the world, ministering to drug addicts, prostitutes, abused young people and street people.  In a recent letter, Jim touched on the need for more workers.  He said:  “I sometimes wonder if the laborers are limited or just not activated.”  He makes a good point, albeit a sad one.  It speaks of God’s people who are commissioned to reach the lost, but are not being faithful to their commission.  It’s like a soldier who is AWOL.  Of course there are many Christians with limitations, physical conditions or other issues.  Jim allowed for that in his statement.  But to be limited is not the same as choosing to do nothing, or not being available.  We Christians will be held accountable.  As Ezekiel puts it in Ezek. 3:18, their blood will be on our hands.  Just as with Jesus’ disciples, we are not perfect.  We fail many times.  But our goal is to strengthen one another in the faith, and to reach our world with the good news.  We need to fulfill our commission.  If we’re “on leave” we need to get back to our mission.  As Jim would say, we need to be activated.

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