The Heart of the Matter

Wednesday, January 10                

Few (if any) of the people that Jesus met and healed were requesting forgiveness.  Mostly they were looking for healing.  Jesus seemed to be OK with that and didn’t make it an issue.  When the man that was let down through the roof  (Lk. 5:17-26), Jesus’ first words were “Friend, your sins are forgiven.”  According to verse 20 he healed the man on the basis of the faith of the men who brought him to Jesus.  Of course, Jesus knew the paralytic’s heart.  But this was typical of Jesus.  He did the same with the woman caught in adultery.  After dealing with the men who had condemned the woman, he said to her “Go now, and leave your life of sin.”  She didn’t confess her sin, nor ask for forgiveness.  But Jesus knew her heart.  The woman who was healed by touching Jesus’ robe was immediately healed.  That was no automatic thing.  Lot’s of people touched his robe.  The woman never said a word.  Again, Jesus knew the heart.  And our heart attitude is always the issue.  If I love others, it will show.  If not, I’m not living the life that God intended me to live.  We can’t know someone else’s heart, but we can deal with our own heart.

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