In the Beginning

Friday, January 12                     

John 1:2.  “He was with him in the beginning.”  This speaks of Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the Son of God, the second person of the Godhead—being with the Father in the beginning.  It’s easy to pass right over “in the beginning.”   It could mean that Jesus had a beginning.  The Greek word indicates that it is the first thing in an orderly series which allows for the possibility that he had a beginning.  Possible, but not necessary.  The question is “The beginning of what?”  Most likely, it’s the beginning of creation.  There is ample Biblical evidence that Jesus is eternal.  The idea of eternity boggles our finite minds.  How could anything not have a beginning?  But that doesn’t mean that eternity doesn’t exist.  Truth is truth whether or not we understand it.  The Bible is revealed truth, and has to be accepted. We have no right to contend with God as though we know more than he does.  So why do I bring up the word “beginning” in John 1:2?  Because some cults have skewed ideas of Jesus.  Some people will try to convince me that Jesus was a man who became God.  That is false.  The entire Bible supports the opposite.

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