Growing Up

Saturday, January 13                                  

It is no accident that God’s people are referred to as children.  As God’s progeny, both physically and spiritually, we often act like children.  Maturation is in order for all of us from the time we were spiritually born.  We’re even referred to as babies in Heb.5:14.  Growing means learning (vv. 14-15).  Training the disciples was not easy.  Much of the time they responded as children, squabbling over who would be greatest, and often baffled by things Jesus said, It’s no wonder that it took a few years to train them, but right up to the last day before the crucifixion, they needed a “crash course” to prepare them for the coming events.  They did progress, though, from babes to children to sons.  Finally, Jesus no longer called them servants, but friends (John 15:15).  Maturing is not easy.  And it’s not merely acquiring knowledge.  It involves dramatic changes in character: experiencing and practicing love, humility, patience, and taking up the cross to follow Christ.  It’s the inner life that produces the outer life.  It involves the heart and the soul. It means a work ethic and productivity.  The disciples hadn’t received their Phd yet, but were functional and productive.  Of course they had the best teacher in the world.  But so do we. [This is a recorded voice.  Please answer this question.  If you were to rate your spiritual maturity, which would you choose—baby, child, teen-ager, young adult, fully mature?  This will not be held against you; it is designed to help you grow.]

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