Ignorance is OK

Sunday, January 14                   

I really enjoy having an appointment with our family doctor.  He’s special.  At times he freely admits that he doesn’t know something, and he always says that he will research it and get back to me.  Not all doctors are like that.  Admitting that he doesn’t know something is very reassuring.  I know when he diagnoses my problem he knows what he’s doing and I can trust him.  So neither is it a problem for me to say “I don’t know.”  John 17:11  really puzzled me.  “The power of your name, the name you gave me.”  The context of this statement is Jesus preparing the disciples for the crucifixion and his return to heaven.  How would they survive without Jesus’ physical presence, especially with the increased persecution?  But the context doesn’t help me much.  I’m still puzzled.  But that’s OK.  I’ll research it and get back to you.

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