A Heart Response

Monday, January 15                        

How we respond to truth reveals our relationship to God.  We can respond with the mind without responding in the heart.  Obedience can be out of duty, to receive a reward, or avoid punishment.  But a heart response is motivated by love.  And the way to greater love for God is meditating on him and communicating personally with him.  And that’s where most of us fail.  The more we know him, the more we will love him.  God knows and responds to our heart response.  I would sometimes prefer that he accept my rational thoughts rather than my heart, but that would not be what I need.  So whether my heart is right or wrong, knowing that he knows everything  about me prompts me to be transparent.  To him, I’m transparent anyway, but my acknowledgement of it opens the door for change.  Bottom line: I need his personal impact on my life every day.

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