Simpson’s Legacy


Saturday, January 20                  

Much more could be said about A.B. Simpson.  He was a gifted speaker and a prolific writer.  He wrote many books and magazine articles.  He published the first Christian magazine containing pictures.  He was a musician.  He wrote lyrics to more than 120 hymns He was a visionary, always thinking ahead to greater things to be done for the Lord.  He was bold enough to move ahead on his own when others were satisfied with the status quo or weren’t willing to pay the price.  He was a leader.  He challenged others to utilize their talents for the work of the Lord.  He was an innovator—using  “make do” tabernacles to reach people that weren’t being evangelized by established churches.  He was an organizer.  He saw a need, marshaled people to help him, and went right to work—as he did in starting up a training school for missionary candidates.  He was an encourager.  He used every opportunity to influence others to get involved in the Lord’s work.  I repeat what I said at the beginning of my Jan. 21 blog:  “We can learn from the saints that have preceded us.”  May A.B. Simpson’s life encourage and motivate you to expand your horizons and make you more fruitful for the Lord.

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