W. W. White

Sunday, January 21                    

A man of like mind with Simpson was Wilbert W. White.  They became good friends, probably because of their common beliefs—the established churches were slack in evangelizing, and lay people (including women) needed to be challenged and trained for missionary service.  This was Simpson’s passion and it was  White’s passion.  White founded the “Bible Teachers’ College” in Montclair, N.J. in 1900.  It moved to NYC in 1902, and was renamed “Bible Teachers’ Training School.”  A year after Simpson’s death in 1919, it was again renamed—“The Biblical Seminary in New York.”  This was a radically different seminary; it didn’t focus on Systematic Theology, Church history, Calvinism, God’s sovereignty vs. free will, or church polity, but on Bible book studies.  The core issue was “What does the Bible teach?”  Students were not only trained to use  “deductive reasoning” in studying the Bible for themselves, but were taught how to teach others, using the same deductive reasoning process.  But reaching our world with the gospel was the underlying goal of the Seminary.  I couldn’t have chosen a better school.

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