Two Kids in the Big Apple

Monday, January 22                 

Forty years after “Bible Teachers’ Training School” became “The Biblical Seminary in New York” I was about to finish college and was looking for more Bible training.  An Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship staff member, helped me out.  Herb’s wife had gone through Biblical Seminary and what I learned from Herb convinced me that this was a perfect fit for me.  With my cousin, Dean, we traveled by train from Spokane to NYC.  Two small town kids from Washington in the Big Apple!  I wasn’t too impressed with NYC, but I was very much impressed with the Seminary.  The Bible was the one and only text book.  And, a la Simpson, women would be welcome.  In fact, we had a few more women students than men students—and we had some gifted women teachers, too.  I was delighted with the course of study and was grateful that God had led me to this school.  While I didn’t go to “Biblical” to look for a wife, it certainly was a good place to find one.  I did find one and have been grateful to God ever since.  Elizabeth Graham, following in the footsteps of her parents and grand-parents, was in training to go to the mission field.  I found her irresistible and set my heart on removing her from the “single pool.”  As we began to date, the critical question for both of us was “Are you heading to the mission field?”  With affirmative answers, we continued to date.  Much of our dating time was spent in debating doctrinal issues.  Despite a bump or two in the road, we married in 1953.  Now almost 65 years later, we have five children, 20 grand-children, and eight great grand-children—and “still counting.”  I’m indebted to Biblical Seminary and its’ founder, W.W. White.  It prepared me for my life work and gave me my life partner.  Sadly, the Seminary has become quite liberal.  I don’t relish saying this, but neither do I want anyone to think I’m encouraging anyone to go there.  I’m not.  But I can thank God from the bottom of my heart for what “Biblical” used to be.

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