Bad News/Good News

Wednesday, January 24            
“An unbeliever needs to know the bad news before he knows the good news.”  The missionaries with Ethnos360 found that out the hard way.  After working with a number of indigenous groups in Papua New Guinea for quite a few years, they realized that for most of the “converts” their lives were not changed.  They had been taught about sin and judgment, but had no heart felt understanding of their lost condition.  They still thought of themselves as “good people” and the rest of the world as “bad people.”  So missionaries went back to the O.T. and focused on how a holy God has to judge sin.  Understanding the bad news drove these people to despair, even to the point of suicide.  You can guess how they responded with the good news.  Their lives were changed—and they immediately became obsessed with sharing the good news with neighboring ethnic groups.  And THAT was good news!

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