Trust and Obey

Saturday, January 27                        Trust and Obey

I’ve never had a full understanding as to why we need to pray.  God is both sovereign and loving, and is also omniscient.  He also is not willing that anyone perish.  Logic tells me that God is far more capable of meeting needs than we are.  Yet the Bible is clear that we need to pray.  Which leads me to a very important truth.  I don’t need to understand all of God’s ways.  If God says we need to pray, that is enough.  To think that I have to know everything is the same error that prompted Satan and Adam and Eve to rebel against God.  They had aspirations to be like God.  They were not satisfied with the status of a created being.  Knowing how God dealt with them, I’m not eager to be included in that company.  If we trust God, we will act on what he says.  When God tells us to pray, I don’t need an explanation; I need to obey.  Expressed another way—if I don’t pray, it means I don’t trust God.

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