Thursday, February 1                  

“Self-fulfillment” and “self-worth” have been buzz words for some time.  After thinking about this for a time, I decided that it’s a God given trait.  God created Eve because Adam needed a companion.  He needed her and she needed him.  The flip side of that is that Adam needed to meet Eve’s needs, and Eve needed to meet Adam’s needs—which they did very well until sin entered the picture.  With sin this harmonious relationship got skewed.  Adam’s needs became a priority to him; his responsibility to Eve became secondary.  Likewise with Eve.  So self-worth and self-fulfillment took on a different hue; it became a source of friction rather than a blessing.  It’s been that way ever since, and has expanded beyond the family into all of society.  Individual needs are still there, but now each one focuses on his own need to the neglect of meeting other people’s needs.  It’s a universal plague, everyone striving to gain self-fulfillment and self-worth. This leads to a focus on reputation at the expense of character.  We can’t control sin, but we might be able cover it up.  We can’t be righteous, but we can appear to be righteous.  We try to keep our sins a secret or we minimize it in some way.  “Everyone is doing it.”  “It’s just a white lie.”  “The end justifies the means.”  Since all of this stems from sin and the acquisition of the sin nature, it will never change until the sin nature is removed.  And that’s where Christ comes into the picture.  God was up front with Adam and Eve concerning their eternal judgment for sin, but he didn’t leave them in the dark about a future remedy for their plight, either.  He had everything under control.  His grace is available, and he will be victorious in the end.

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