A Lesson in Trust

Friday, February 2                         

Pastor Doug:  When Abraham was told to sacrifice his son, he was only stopped when he raised the knife and was ready to plunge the knife into Isaac.  This was not because God wanted to see how much Abraham would trust him.  God already knew that.  It was for Abraham.  He learned how much he trusted God.  This was a new thought for me.  It took me to Hebrews 11:17-19, which reveals more about Abraham’s trust in God.  Isaac was the promised heir, the one that would fulfill God’s promises to Abraham, and who’s death would seem to make God a liar.  But Abraham believed that God could bring Isaac back to life.  That’s awesome faith.  But this life and death incident had to be equally meaningful to Isaac.  He did not lose his respect for his father; it had to give him enormous respect for him.  But he also learned a fantastic truth about God and about trusting God.  He was an obedient son, but he also grew into a great man of God.  This event would forever be etched in Abraham’s mind, and in Isaac’s mind, too.  This passage in Genesis, along with the passage in Hebrews, was recorded for us, too.  We won’t go through what Abraham and Isaac did, but we can come to the same kind of relationship with God.  The record of this event has been passed down through four millennia, a potent message to many generations.  It was also an analogy of Christ’s death—except that the Father did not have a substitute for Jesus.  Isaac was spared; Jesus was not.  But as Heb. 11:19 says,   “figuratively speaking, he did receive Isaac back from the dead.”  May we all learn from this graphic account.

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