Worms, Fish, and Rocks

Monday, February 12               

Worms, along with all other animal life, were created by God, and along with all other life, they have a purpose.  All of creation, whether living or inanimate, are subject to their Creator.  God told a plant to grow up to shelter Jonah from the sun.  He then called on a bug to devour the plant.  When King Herod imprisoned Peter, who was miraculously freed by an angel, God took care of  Herod by striking him down and calling on worms to feast on him (Acts 12).  When the crowd of followers on Palm Sunday praised Jesus and were rebuked by some Pharisees, Jesus said that if they didn’t, the rocks would cry out (Lk. 19:37-40).  The Bible is loaded with other examples of nature being obedient to God.  I doubt if they knew anything about Theology 101.  They had no concept of sin or moral choices, no reason to rebel, no need to be redeemed.   They could do nothing other than to obey their creator.  Of course they don’t have eternal souls, either, and they do not look forward to an eternal bliss.  When I think about this I am struck by the fact that man, God’s highest form of creation has been invaded by the sin nature and doomed to eternal death.  Fallen angels, including Satan, face the same judgment, but there’s one difference.  God chose to redeem man.  For whatever reason, we are special in God’s eyes.  What do you think your response should be?

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