Sweet Hour of Prayer

Wednesday, February 14             

Time is precious.  We need to use it wisely and carefully.  We all waste time, but prayer time is never wasted time.  When I think about praying, other things often come to mind that need to be done—and that would be more enjoyable.  When I think about it, I realize that Satan is at work.  If he can eliminate or minimize my prayer time, he will do it.  Prayer is incredibly important.  Bringing God into any situation is never a mistake.  When we opt to do something without prayer, we’re really saying that we don’t need God.  That’s pretty serious.  Well, it’s not pretty.  It IS serious.  When we come to the place where we really know that we can do nothing without God, it will make it easier to spend time in prayer.  Believe it or not, there’s something even more important than God’s taking care of our “situations.”  He wants to be a friend.  I really like John 14:14-15 where Jesus called his disciples his friends.  If and when we become a friend of God, it will no longer be a chore to spend time in prayer.  I’m not sure I’m there yet, but I’m getting closer.  That will really frustrate Satan!  And I will be able to identify with the writer of the hymn “Sweet Hour of Prayer.”

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