Dave Lotz lived most of his adult life in a remote area of Bolivia called Tambo (pictured above).  This was the location of a private school providing Christian education to many children of missionary families working among the indigenous people of South America.  Dave held many roles:  director, teacher, dorm parent, and more.  Some of the homilies in this blog were inspired by experiences at Tambo.


5 Responses to About

  1. Bonnie Rath says:

    Wish I had been older when you guys were in Tambo!!

    • davelotz says:

      Never too old to learn. I’m still learning, and I’m 85.

      • davelotz says:

        Not necessarily. Isaiah is probably referring to the millennium period. However, you raise a good question. Horses are mentioned several times in connection with the spirit world. They appear to be war horses, making battle against Satan’s hordes. But this could be analogy. And of course God is capable of doing anything he wants. We should not put Him “in a box.” But the main point is that animals will not be important in the light of being in the very presence of God. Furthermore, animals would have to have a celestial body to exist in heaven, and I doubt that it will happen. You are quite correct in terms of animals being good companions. Designed that way. Just another provision of God to provide everything that we need.–and more than we need.

  2. ryan barber says:

    thank you so much Mr. lotz. i thoroughly enjoy reading these.

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