Give and Take

Saturday, Sept. 13

Marriages and politics have a lot in common. Some one said that the art of politics is compromise. To many, compromise is a negative word. It implies the sacrifice of a principle to expediency. But I think there is a positive use of this word. Our political system is based on “checks and balances.” Our forefathers knew that governmental issues are highly debatable. There is a problem, and there are ten or more possible solutions. Solutions come out of dialogue, debate, and confrontation. The core of this system is the assumption that men of character will debate the issue until they agree on a solution. To achieve consensus, there has to be “give and take.” This is compromise at it’s best. A married couple is in the same situation. A problem arises. There are different ways of solving it. Heart to heart discussion leads to an agreed upon solution. Probably both spouses have to concede something. No convictions are abandoned. Good politics! Marriage intact.

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