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Being Realistic

Friday, Feb. 28                                                                           One last thought re. “I’m right; you’re wrong.”  Sinful man is helpless to change on his own.  How nice it would be to have this sinful blight changed to “I’m wrong; you’re right.” Accomplishing this is a … Continue reading

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Jorge and Nicodemus

Thursday, Feb. 27         In many ways the world of today is not different than it was during the Dark Ages.  Science is still  not exact.  A few scientists have arrived at truths that contradict all their previous learning.  A group … Continue reading

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God and Darwin

Wednesday, Feb. 26         We have another example of “I’m right: you’re wrong” in the Science vs. Bible controversy.  This has been in our world for a long time, probably way back to the beginning.  It certainly was a problem in … Continue reading

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Dems and the GOP

Tuesday, Feb. 25              “I’m right; you’re wrong.”  This might be called the bottom line cause of all the problems in the world’s history.  Think about it!  It started in the Garden of Eden.  Satan tried to set Adam and Eve … Continue reading

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Unrequited Love

Monday, Feb. 24                                                                  Here’s another add-on:  When love is one sided, it becomes a negative experience.  Many of you no doubt have experienced this.  It results in unhappiness, despondency, depression, and frustration.  There’s a basic human need that is crying … Continue reading

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I Love My Car

Sunday, Feb. 23            Some people love things, too.  There’s the man who insisted on being buried in his sports car.  You might guess that he had a rather passionate feeling for his car.  To this point, I have not heard … Continue reading

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I Love My Dog

Saturday, Feb. 22            This is an addendum to yesterday’s homily.  Animals sometimes show signs of a love relationship.  Animals have been known to form life time male-female relationships.  Sometimes there are deep cross-specie relationships formed, e.g., a cat and a … Continue reading

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